My son Geoff has been coming to your classes for the past 6½ years. He is a very athletic young man involved in many different sports. Our experience has shown us, that at a certain age other sports become so competitive that some young kids participating on teams end up playing less and being discouraged with their abilities and then of course eventually they choose not to participate at all. Basically the fun stops as it becomes more serious. This has not affected my son, however, he sees others that have and doesn't understand it or like it. He has chosen to stop participating in some of these sports because in his words, "It isn't fun anymore." This really made us stop and think about how important the "fun" is.

Geoff has always had fun at the dojo and is always encouraged to do his best and meet his goals. There isn't anything wrong with competition, but if the "fun" stops" is it worth it? Not in our eyes. We believe that kids participate in a variety of activities for many different reasons, but if they aren't having "fun" then they will soon lose interest.

Not only does he learn self-defense, the importance of self-discipline, respect, loyalty and self-confidence, but also he gets to have fun while he is doing it. We do not think that any program could offer more. We believe that Canada's Best Karate has provided our son with the best program in town and Sensei Leigh has definitely provided fantastic leadership and a "FUN" atmosphere.

Thank you to Sensei Leigh and Canada's Best Karate.
Yours truly,
Louise Ford

CBK is definitely one of the best organizations that my children and I have ever joined!!! We all belong to the Douglas Street dojo. My daughter Kirsten started it all - she joined CBK when she was in grade 2. Four and half years later, Kirsten is a brown ni belt and also one of the junior instructors. Adam, my son, also joined when he was 7 and has progressed to red belt. I was (a little) older than they when I joined…37 to be exact, and in 2 and a half years have progressed to blue belt. Needless to say, we are at the dojo just about every day of the week that it is open!!

For myself, I was looking for an activity that not only provided a physical challenge but also a mental challenge and opportunities for spiritual growth. I tried the gym and aerobics training off and on for a few years but I was never really challenged by those activities! Karate also gave me the opportunity to become even more involved in my children's training, as we can practice together and even take classes together! I have not only gained basic karate skills and techniques but also great friendships with other students. The camaraderie, commitment and support we demonstrate to one another are instrumental in our karate training.

As a parent, I was looking for an activity that my children would find fun and rewarding but at the same time provide them with skills that they could develop as their body and mind grew and developed. Martial arts training at CBK has more than surpassed my expectations! They have learned self-discipline, respect, and goal setting which in turn has provided them positive reinforcement, enhanced self esteem and achievement! The positive reinforcement that a child receives as a result of this achievement cannot be explained in words or measured in dollars! All of this in a fun and positive atmosphere while learning life-long skills!!

I strongly believe that my children and (other students) love the school and CBK because of Sensei Leigh and Sempai Jason. We have incredible respect and admiration for the two of them-they are extraordinary martial artists that are able to relate to, motivate and inspire both adults and children with their teaching! Thank-you for helping each one of us in the pursuit of excellence!!

~Lisa Marsh