Canada's Best Karate for Youth

How does Canada's Best Karate teach skills and attitudes for success?

It's well documented that martial arts training instills mental focus and self-discipline in children, with stories abounding of underachieving students and 'problem' kids suddenly transforming with good marks and excellent behavior. Canada's Best Karate gives your child this vital boost in life.

How? Canada's Best Karate has developed the exclusive Leadership and Lifeskills Program - a specially designed children and youth karate program that includes our unique course "Building Character Month By Month". Along with traditional physical training in karate, our students study and practice the different mental skills and positive traits that lead to a life of success. One month they might focus on honesty, the next month on gratitude, and another month on courtesy.

The result is a complete learning experience that balances body, mind and emotion, enabling your child to grow as a WHOLE PERSON.

How does your child 'learn' self-discipline, effort and self-esteem?

One of the biggest misunderstandings about 'discipline' is that it can be forced on a child. The real meaning of personal discipline comes from another kind of learning. It's simply this: children learn personal self-discipline by acting in a disciplined way.

At Canada's Best Karate, our program provides your child with clear sequential steps to learning karate and life skills, and they watch their own weekly progress with home report cards and stars for behavior, attendance, and effort. Following the steps, your child has constant reinforcement of one of life's most important lessons: achievement comes through the discipline of consistent and repeated effort. By breaking goals into measurable steps, your child learns that they can achieve anything and overcome any obstacle life throws at them.

As countless numbers of our parents and students will tell you, it's powerful psychology that WORKS.

As your child takes one successful step after another, they learn 'I CAN DO IT!' Then when they encounter unique challenges, they already know they have the ability to overcome them by chipping away with focus and determined effort.

Through our Leadership and Life Skills Program, your child:

  • Builds a positive attitude that tells them they can overcome challenges with effort.
  • Develops self-esteem through sequential study and instruction that recognize each step of their achievement in martial arts practice.
  • Exercises skills in concentration and self-discipline, enhancing their success in school.
  • Builds social confidence so that they are active participants at school.
  • Develops a sense of personal identity and security that allows them to choose their own path in life, and not a path dictated by a peer group.
  • Adds to their street-proofing awareness against drugs and violence, by learning direct tools for identifying danger, and by building their sense of personal authority and confidence